Paramount Song Videos

Now! Get Your Songs In YouTube Videos! It’s The Ultimate Way To Get Your Songs Discovered!

Now, more and more songwriters are getting their songs in YouTube Videos produced by ParamountSong!

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And, of course, you’ll want some of your past demos to have the advantage of Youtube. It’s the ULTIMATE way to promote your songs! And both Artists and Record Labels LOVE to get songs that are promoted on YouTube.

The reasons are obvious:

1. Videos are far more attention-getting than music alone. That’s why major record labels spend millions on music videos to promote their songs.

2. Record labels are now searching Youtube to find new artists. And while they’re at it, they can’t help but come across new songs. Like maybe your songs? Why not?

 3. Research shows that people are 18 times more likely to share videos on social media than music alone. And social media is really the key to racking up heavy exposure — sometimes to the point of “going viral. And videos are the most awesome way  to show off YOUR songs on YOUR Facebook page…with links to your videos on Youtube!

What about costs? Are they like CMT videos, where record labels often pay fifty grand or more for a video? Oh No! Paramount videos aren’t priced anywhere near that. We realize that thousands for a songwriter video is out of the question. So we’re not even talking about ONE thousand. We’ve worked hard with some great video producers to make Paramount videos ENTIRELY affordable. Pricing is right down with our current audio-only demo prices. And considerting the extra work to create a music video THAT’S AMAZING!

For full info, send an email NOW to:, with “Video Info” in the subject line. Just type “Send Video Info” in the body of the email.