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Songwriting Tip – Zac Brown Says To Write Down Your Ideas

March, 31 2015


In a recent interview with The Boot, country star Zac Brown talked about songwriting and the importance of writing down your ideas when they strike saying:

“Every time I had an idea, I’d write it down. That’s a big part of songwriting. When those ideas hit you, they’re fleeting, and if you don’t write them down, you won’t remember them. So, I worked on the discipline of that.”


Jonathan Ditto: 04/01/15

I think that is the only way I ever catch songs and hooks , immediately

E. Wright: 05/03/15

So, as I was waking up one morning, I had a wonderful melody in my head with the beginnings of a new song. I wrote down the words and put in la-la-la’s so I could remember the melody, but, for the life of me, later on when I looked at it, I could not remember how it goes. Amazing how many different ways you could sing the same words. I just don’t know how to write down music…

Linda Woodard: 05/04/15

In order for me to remember my melody or how my song goes I used my voice recorder on my old phone and my new phones. It depends on which one I am near; because just like you I will forget how the song goes!

Richard B Rivera: 02/18/16

I used to carry a notebook around and that’s fine but a little digital recorder will capture the words as well as the melody. Which for me, is harder to hold onto and will never come back exactly like that first spark of feeling. Thanks to Zac he is one of my heros and my wife and I love his music.

Kayon McPherson: 03/30/16

I know a thing are two about beating myself up about a lost song idea I had. I would say to myself oh man it could have been great. I have learned my lesson. I write it down as soon as it come. If I am somewhere I cannot get to it at the moment. I create a little melody to the words in order to remember it. As soon as I get the time I write it down.