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Songwriting Tip – Vince Gill Talks About Being Patient With Your Songwriting  

April, 07 2015


In a recent interview, country icon Vince Gill talked about how his songwriting has changed now in comparison to when he was first starting his career.

“I feel like as I get older I get better at writing songs. I’m finding better ways to write and I’m more willing to edit myself a bit more. I’m more willing to be patient to wait for the right thing to come, the right words to come.”


Terry Hyde: 04/20/15

Couldn’t agree more. The older we get the more our thoughts and feelings mean to us. No longer taking the seconds forgranted.

Rose Riviezzo: 07/15/15

I had demo made of lyrics I had written. Am waiting on CDs to be mailed to me. Once I am in possession of them, how do I go about finding an established singer to record it?

Norm: 07/15/15

The moderator of this blog has answers only to questions about the blog. Please email creative@paramouintsong.com with your question.

Norm: 07/21/15

That’s difficult for you to do because established artists won’t accept submissions from songwriters. However, they do accept them from us, and we do send (pitch) appropriate songs to artists. Appropriate means the song must fit the current needs of the artist. —Norm

Richard B Rivera: 02/18/16

What a strange but wonderful process songwriting is. It can drive you crazy if you let it.

Kayon McPherson: 03/30/16

I absolutely love the art of songwriting. I am an aspiring song writer and I love when I am doing my chores and a line just pop into my head, then another and another and it is making sense. I love when it flows. I have realized that the words flow more when I am in my zone, I am not forcing it.

Tom hanna: 04/08/16

How do you protect your song lyrics from being stolen and what is the average royalites

Rex Sowards: 04/10/16

Me and my cousin, when we write we look for that awesome one line hook that everyone thinks why didn’t I think of that. Like the one that stuck in my head by George Jones…quote…there’s two cheating lovers who love under cover, and the cover their under is mine. Best hook I ever heard. Love country music.

Marvin Latta: 06/04/16

Your life is a song ….the essence of it will jump at someone when least expexted. I have been given some of my greatest ideas by listening to people talk about their life experiences.

michelle: 06/08/16

How do i know my song lyrics are safe and if this isnt a scam

Norm: 06/09/16

You always own the copyright to your lyrics! If you have any question about the safety of your lyrics, please email creative@paramountsong.com

Donya Wilkerson: 06/30/16

I certainly agree with you with that Vince Gill thats something am working on myself..and l think it will help me in the long run.