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Songwriting Evolution with Martina McBride

December, 01 2016


In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Country, the legendary Martina McBride weighed in on the current changes in the songwriting business, particularly in Nashville. 

“Songwriting has changed because for the past few years there has been a formula at country radio,” McBride says. “‘Bro country,’ or whatever you want to call it, but there is a formula definitely. Songwriters have to make a living and they write songs for the formula. But it’s taking a turn again back to…songs that are more lyrics-based and touch on human emotions and human stories, and are not quite so one-dimensional.”

Martina brings up a really good point that we hope all writers can understand; whats in demand is constantly changing! As in everything there is an ebb and flow in the world of songwriting, and sometimes that means experiencing a lot of rejection before you happen upon success. So maybe that amazing song you wrote 2 weeks ago won’t be immediately received, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song! Songwriters in Nashville shop the same songs for sometimes YEARS before any action is taken.

So keep writing and getting your songs out there! Even if your songs or lyrics don’t work now-you never know what changes and opportunities are coming in the industry next!

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