How Songwriters Get Songs To Recording Artists | How To SELL Your Songs!

Unlik many services who merely record demos, we regularly send songs to artists, producers, managers and record labels. Plus, we continue with educational and information to help writers improve.

We work with our music publishing partner, ParMusic Group, to get appropriate songs to recording artists and record labels. Think about it: you may write the best songs ever written, but if you don’t get them to the people who can get them recorded and sold, only you and a few friends will ever hear them. That’s why helping writers get songs to the right people is one of the most important things we do.

At Paramount, we help songwriters  SELL songs on iTunes and Amazon, and stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, etc…All the major sites that offer paid music access.

Working with leading Internet music source, StarTune Music, we’re placing songs in front of millions of people who buy music. But StarTune doesn’t just place songs alone among the millions of songs on the major digital sales and streaming sites. They’re also promoted on the site with a link directly to each song or album we place online.

Isn’t it time you really did something great with your songwriting?

If you’re ready to do something important with your songwriting, and ready to find out just how far you can go, contact us now for the information you need to succeed!

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