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Songwriter Tips: Don’t Get Discouraged!

October, 19 2016

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We all know in the music and songwriting business that sometimes the lack of response we get from our songs can be underwhelming, or even seem like your songs are not going anywhere at all- but don’t get discouraged! In this business, persistence in writing and not giving into defeat is key!

Kent Blazy (Garth Brooks co-writer) shares in a DiscMaker Article Songwriters on Songwriting the worst advice he ever got:

The worst advice I got was from somebody over at SESAC, when I first moved to town and she told me to move back home. She basically told me I was terrible, and it pretty much crushed me. Then, maybe six months later, I had six songs cut in three weeks. You can’t believe what everybody tells you. You have to go with what your heart’s telling you, and my heart was telling me I had to be in Nashville. That had to be the worst advice I ever got, and I’m glad I didn’t take it.

Take it from one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville, even when you think you are not finding success- it could be just around the corner! All it takes is the right song at the right time, so follow your heart and don’t stop going after what you really want.

So keep writing, you never know when your big break is coming…

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