How To Get Your Songs And Lyrics Published.

If you’re a songwriter, or lyricist, one of your goals should be to get with a music publisher who likes what you do. It can be the most important part of a writer’s success. But first, you must be able to get some of your work to them so they can review it. That’s not easy. Most don’t accept outside submissions from writers they don’t know. So here at ParamountSong is where you start. We know publishers and what they need. We’re affiliated with a successful music publisher. And if you’re writing songs or lyrics that satisfy that need, we can help you get to the people who count.

Finding the right songs is job one for publishers.

Music publishers are the ones who come up with the hit songs that top artists record and the music you hear in TV shows and movies. To do that, many of them hire full-time staff writers to turn out song after song. Some publishers may issue single-song contracts to different songwriters. Either way, they’re acquiring the rights to songs they believe have potential so they can present, or “pitch” them to recording artists, producers and A&R execs in the hope of getting them recorded, or “cut.” To get the pitching job done, publishers hire song pluggers, who operate much as sales executives, to advance the publisher’s catalog of songs in the music industry. How do you become one of those select writers? First, you have to progress from a good writer to a pro quality writer. That’s where comes in. Through interaction with the Paramoujnt Creative Group of experts, you learn and sharpen yoour skills by doing.

If you really want to do something to get started in the music business, It all starts with a simple click on one of the Contact Links on this page. You may do that now.

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