Paramount Music Demos

The Right Music Demo Can Make a Good Song Great.

No song is really complete until it has been arranged and recorded as a great demo. And no matter what you’ve heard, demo recordings must be extremely good. Because, if you really intend to get to the top people in the music business, your songs must compete with the best of the best. 

At Paramount Nashville we produce some of the best songwriter demos in the business. Listen below to some we’ve done for writers who’ve contacted us just as you’re doing now.

Note: We do not simply sell demos. They are part of a complete service we provide to songwriters (Learn more at the bottom of this page)

Here I Am
Touch My Heart
Time and Love
Baby Come Back Blues
Simply Southern
Hollywood Girls
Greenpeace, Riders on the Storm
I Need You to Stay
In The City
In This Moment
Raining Rubies
Southern Rock

If you have songs and/or lyrics that haven’t been recorded as great song demos, get them to us now for our opinion and possible recording.

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