How To Get Your Songs In Movies And TV Shows!

Now your chances of getting songs in TV shows and movies have skyrocketed! And your rewards could be doubled!

1.  Receive a generous SYNC FEE paid up front.

2. Earn performance royalties for any song placed in a TV show or movie shown on TV.

Here’s the story: For years, we’ve worked to get songs of the writers we work with into film and television, with success ranging from a full song in a feature movie, “Con Games,” starring Eric Roberts to a partial song in a CMT interview. But most of our effort has been in getting songs to recording artists, producers and record company A&R Execs.

Now the tables are turning — FAST! We’re seeing FAR more opportunities to place songs in TV and Movies than ever before! There are tons of original shows and movies being produced by companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, Showtime and hundreds of cable TV channels. They’re all producing more and more original shows, and they need 30 to 50 pieces of music for each episode. Multiply that by 8 to 12 episodes per season and their hunger for original music is never satisfied.

The good news is that most of the new music they’re selecting is by new, unknown writers. Why? Simple. The producers want to create new, original moods. That takes previously unknown music…and lots of it.

Here’s how it works: Music experts gather music and place it in catalogs. These catalogs are consulted by movie and TV production execs to find the music they need. In the business, these opportunities are called SYNC deals (short for synchronizing- the process of placing songs in shows). And we’ve come up with a brand new way to place more songs of writers who work with us in new shows and movies everywhere…

We’ve established our own catalog. It’s called the Paramount Nashville Sync Catalog. The catalog collects new music and shares it with Music Supervisors (the pros who select music for shows), as well as other catalogs in the U.S. and other countries. That creates an astounding multiplication of opportunities for writers we work with.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Click on the Paramount contact page now, and sign up for full info on how to get your work into the world of TV and Movies AND reviewed for sending to recording artists.