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This is the only International Song and Lyric Competition that offers all these unique advantages:

        • Over $150,000 cash & prizes awarded!
        • We send great songs entered by songwriters to artists looking for similar songs. So all entries – not just winners – have a chance of getting to to an artist who may record it.
        • We reward all kinds of songs and lyrics equally… including Traditional Country, Today’s Hot Country, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, Pop, Rock, AAA, Americana, Jazz, Blues and more.
        • Multiple contests throughout the year mean prizes are awarded faster and more often than contests that happen only once a year.
        • We level the playing field. Emerging songwriters don’t have to compete with pro writers who’ve already had pro recording, performance or publishing deals. That means if you’re looking for your first big break, you have a far better chance of winning and getting recognized.
        • Whether you write complete songs or concentrate solely on lyrics, this competition welcomes you. While some competitions are only for lyrics and others only for complete songs, we take pride in rewarding both.

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Christmas 2013 Competition Winners

Grand Prize: Erin Pearson of Santa Barbara, CA, has won the Grand Prize for her song “This Holy Night”. Erin’s winnings include $700 cash (includes $200 extra for her early entry), PLUS a full 7 piece band demo on CD, AND her winning entry will go on, iTunes and

First Prize: Rebecca DeSantis of Memphis, TN, has won the First Prize for her song “Light Of Bethlehem”. Rebecca has earned a full 5-piece band demo on CD, PLUS $100 in cash, AND her winning entry will go on, iTunes and

Award of Honor: Steve Phelps of Montague, MI, has won the Award of Honor for his lyric “Our Dogs Gave Us Fleas For Christmas”. Steve has earned a single instrument with vocal demo on CD, PLUS $60 in cash. AND his winning entry, when fully produced, will go on, iTunes and