Recording a great song demo is the most important step after writing a great song.

No song is really complete until it has been demoed. And no matter what you’ve heard, demo recordings must be extremely good. Because, if you really intend to pitch to the top people in the music business, your songs must compete with the best.

At ParamountSong Nashville we produce some of the best songwriter demos in the business. Listen now to some we’ve done for writers who’ve contacted us just as you’re doing now.

Full Band Demos

Come Back Baby Come Back
When I'm With You
Son of the South

Guitar & Vocal Demos

Flow of Freedom
She's Ready to Shine
Vintage Lace

We’re not just a demo service.

All our demo recordings come as part of a complete package of songwriting services, beginning with free song and lyric evaluations; for lyricists, making arrangements for great music co-writing by some of Nashville’s best writers; and providing follow-up support with free songwriter newsletters, songwriting tips and help with introducing your work to the music business.

Our demo singers, co-writers and musicians are picked from some of Nashville’s best up and coming acts, many of whom play in bands or sing backup for established recording artists. Some work in clubs and other live venues. And since the Nashville talent pool is virtually unlimited, both in number and variety, we can produce virtually any style of demo recording.

At ParamountSong, we record demos at every level… from simple guitar-vocals to ready for radio.

If you have songs and/or lyrics that haven’t been recorded as great song demos, get them to us now for our opinion and possible recording.

Click on Contact Us to find out how to get YOUR songs or lyrics to us, record labels and recording artists.