, the Nashville Songwriting Website, Provides Professional Help for Songwriters and Lyricists Throughout the World.

The songwriters we help on their paths to success are of all skill levels, from those just starting to write songs, to the highly accomplished.

We’re always looking to discover new songwriters and new songs, including songwriters who write lyrics only. Recording artists and record companies don’t accept lyrics without music, but we do. A wide variety of accomplished Nashville songwriters work with us to write music to complement the work of lyricists around the world. That means you don’t have to know how to read or write music to work with ParamountSong. Our professional songwriters make lyric writers’ words come alive with the sounds of hit songs like those you hear on the radio.

And we turn rough recordings from songwriters who write both words and music into great song demos, ready to present to any recording artist, record producer, record label or music publisher in the world.

Note: writing music doesn’t mean you have to be able to put notes down on paper. If you have a melody in your head, just sing it on anything you’ve got that will record your voice — no great vocalists or instruments required.

Most important: we regularly pitch songs to music business pros at the highest levels.

We’ve been in business in Nashville since 1983. We’re located in the heart of Nashville’s Music Business, where world-class talent is at work daily creating, producing and marketing today’s hottest-selling music. Yes, today’s Nashville Music is hot, folks. There are more Country Music radio stations in America than any other format. Hit artists such as Taylor Swift and Zac Brown are hitting hard with immediate Platinum Records.

And Nashville’s talent just gets bigger and better.

  • Carrie Underwood
  • Kenny Chesney
  • Blake Shelton
  • Jason Aldean
  • Miranda Lambert
  • Florida Georgia Line
  • Luke Bryan and many, many others

All share honors with the increasing rush of recording artists breaking down the walls between kinds of music as though they never existed.

In Nashville, you’re just as likely to find a Rock club as a Country night spot. At ParamountSong, we regularly produce demo recordings of Traditional Country, Today’s Hot Country, Gospel, Christian Contemporary, Pop, Rock and Alternative. Even Jazz and Blues are done here. Be assured that the talent’s all here for almost any genre you want to target.

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